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Corte Madera Emergency Preparedness Fund

Neighbors Helping Neighbors in the Time of Need

Mission: The purpose of this fund is to provide monetary and in-kind support to the grass roots efforts of building citizen emergency preparedness and promote community resilience in the Town of Corte Madera.

According to FEMA (2012) 85% of Americans are unprepared for a disaster, fewer than half have a household emergency plan, and 62% do not have any type of emergency kits prepared.

Goal: The goal is to develop widespread community capability utilizing the Neighborhood Response Group (NRG) concept. Funds will be directed to NRG groups and community organizations that are able to demonstrate commitment to citizen emergency preparedness.

The Fund hopes to build a more resilient and prepared community and serve community stakeholders by creating partnerships, encouraging collaboration, developing and improving systems, implementing response programs at the neighborhood level, and developing and sustaining long-term leadership.

A.    Source of funds:

The Orth Trust (Marla & Peter) provided $2500 in seed money to establish this fund with the hope that their contribution would be met with matches wherever possible in order to forge a private-public partnership in emergency preparedness within the township.

Thus far, the Corte Madera Community Foundation, the Corte Madera Lions Club, the Town of Corte Madera, and Corte Madera Town Council member Jim Andrews have contributed an additional $9,500 to the fund. Other possible sources of funding will be local health care providers, social community groups and clubs, and the County of Marin, among others.

The goal is to raise a minimum of $25,000 to support the model program being established in Corte Madera. In-kind donations of equipment and supplies will also be solicited from community businesses, local foundations and individuals.

B.    Administration:

The Corte Madera Community Foundation (CMCF) will administer the fund.  CMCF is a 501(c) 3 non-profit so that all contributions will be tax-deductible to the donor to the extent allowed by law.  The CMCF will appoint a granting committee that has sole authorization to evaluate applications for grants from the CMEPFund and select grant awardees.

Community leaders appointed by the CMCF to join the Orths on the granting committee have extensive training and experience in emergency planning and management as well as longstanding dedication to this effort: 

    Bob Bundy, M.D. - CMCF Director, MMRC/CERT, and former Kaiser Hospital

        Emergency Room Director

    John Howard - Lions Club Director and NRG community leader

    Suzi Beatie - CMCF Director, Women’s Club VP, and NRG leader

    Peter Orth - former EPA HazMat emergency response administration, MMRC/CERT,    

        and community organizer

    Anthony “Skip” Fedanzo - Corte Madera CERT District Supervisor

There will be five votes. A quorum will be three voting members. The Founding Chairman of the Granting Committee will be Peter Orth.

Applications for funding by the CMEPF must be submitted on the downloadable form accessible through this link: FundingApplication.pdf

C.    Granting Process:

The Granting Committee expects that applications will come primarily from existing and emerging NRGs. The key condition is that the funds be used for purchase of equipment or supplies, or to provide leadership or training that helps prepare the citizenry of Corte Madera for emergencies. Such equipment might include:

•    Small mobile trailers that could be moved easily to needy locations

•    Materials to stock the trailers and emergency caches located within neighborhoods to support the NRGs

•    Medical supplies for the NRGs

•    Medical supplies for local community groups and organizations

•    Emergency equipment for NRGs, including communications equipment, identifying clothing, or generators

•    Support the conduct of periodic disaster drills and community outreach

•    Support initialization of existing neighborhood-based coordinated systems for resident/household status, involvement and information sharing (e.g. NextDoor)

        Applicants should demonstrate a commitment to disaster preparedness. For NRGs, possible

               evidence could be one or more of the following:

•    Having participated in one of the semi-annual NRG drills

•    Showing matching funds for the amount requested

•    Having had a neighborhood-wide organizing meeting followed by a formation and meeting of a steering committee.

The Granting Committee will also encourage community groups (e.g. Girl and Boy Scouts and local social service organizations). Such groups might seek funding for special purposes or initiatives such as underwriting programs such as Stop the Bleed packages, communication materials to special need residents (e.g. seniors and disabled), training (e.g. First Aid), etc.

Purchased or acquired capital equipment will be owned and insured by the CMCF but made freely available to the community in the time of need regardless of location. This is the case with the two trailers sponsored/initiated by the Orths now located at the Cove and Neil Cummins Schools. While owned by the CMCF, all are stocked and maintained by nearby emergency response groups.

  1. D.   Roll-out of Program. The Corte Madera Emergency Preparedness Support Fund was announced at the CM Town Council on April 4, 2016 by the Town’s Manager Todd Cusimano who has expressed his full support for the fund and goals as defined.


•    The Corte Madera Community Foundation is modifying its website to include this funding program and will encourage donations from the community.

•    The Marin Independent Journal and MarinScope newspapers have shown interest and commitment to run stories on the emerging fund and the import of emergency preparedness. 

•    To increase visibility for the fund and highlight the collaborative community effort, one of the existing trailers will participate in the Larkspur-Corte Madera 4th of July parade.  Another trailer will be parked at Neil Cummins School for residents and visitors to visit and make contributions. Stop the Bleed Kits will also be sold at the event.  

•    A video is planned to acquaint the community and potential donors with the value of the trailers, neighborhood caches, and emergency preparedness in general. This virtual “tour” will be a hands-on demonstration of how the trailers will be used in the event of an emergency. Representatives from the NRGs will demonstrate how the trailer can be activated, and how a command and treatment center is quickly and efficiently established. These actions provide up-to-date status reports that can be vital in neighborhoods during an emergency. Medical emergencies, fire, gas & power line issues & other critical needs get identified, and reported to local fire and police authorities and county first responders.

F.    A Model in the Making. It is envisioned that this program will serve as a template for other communities throughout the County to build over time, a cohesive, well-reasoned, community-supported, and citizen-driven emergency preparedness program that operates at the neighborhood level. The tag-line: “Neighbors Helping Neighbors in The Time of Need” says it all.

G.    The First Grantee. The Granting Committee was pleased to announce its first grant to Corte Madera Girl Scout Troop #33204 who prepared and will soon distribute 100 Stop the Bleed first aid packs. Most deaths in a disaster result from bleeding that goes unchecked. This will teach the scouts of the importance of disaster preparedness and cultivate future stewards for the community-wide program.

H.    How you can Donate.

Checks may be written to the Corte Madera Community Foundation with a notation on the memo line “Corte Madera Emergency Preparedness Fund”, P.O. box 7109, Corte Madera,  CA 94976, or via Pay Pal on the Foundation’s web site by clicking the ‘Donate’ link at, with the memo line identified as CMEPFund.

I.    For more Information.

Contact Peter Orth at or members of the granting committee, or consult the Corte Madera Community Foundation website at