Corte Madera Community Foundation.

If you have ever heard the Town Band play on the 4th of July, spent a summer Sunday afternoon enjoying a concert at Piccolo Pavilion or met friends for coffee at Town Park Plaza, then you've experienced the work of the Corte Madera Community Foundation.

To initiate and provide support for events, public facilities, projects, programs, and services that improve the quality of life in Corte Madera, build community spirit and enhance Corte Madera’s small-town character.



We work in partnership with Town government and local volunteer organizations to make good things happen.

We led the planning and fundraising for construction of an attractive outdoor gathering place across from the Community Center and adjacent to Cafe Verde and Town Park.

We partnered with the Lions Club and the Beautification Committee to accomplish a major renovation of the Community Center patio garden and transform a former storage area into a welcoming new entrance from the parking lot.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

When Corte Madera began establishing Neighborhood Response Groups (NRGs) a few years ago, the Foundation purchased and equipped two Mobile Disaster Units for NRG use as Incident Command sites at the Cove School and Neil Cummins School.

History of Corte Madera

We published a book that includes 280 historic photographs, interesting facts, amusing anecdotes, and perceptive overviews that contribute to understanding and enjoying Corte Madera.


Post Office Box 7109, Corte Madera, California 94976

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