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What it is and how it can support your neighborhood

With an initial donation from the Orth Trust, the Corte Madera Community Foundation established the Corte Madera Emergency Preparedness Fund (CMEPFund) to provide monetary and in-kind support for grassroots efforts to develop town-wide capability based on the Neighborhood Response Group (NRG) concept.

Additional funding has come from generous private donations as well as the Corte Madera Lions Club, the Town of Corte Madera and the Corte Madera Community Foundation.

Grants are directed to NRG Groups and other organizations that demonstrate a strong commitment to citizen preparedness with the goal of promoting community resilience in our town. A five-member Grant Committee evaluates applicant eligibility, and the Corte Madera Community Foundation serves as administrator of the fund.


The CMEPFund Grant Committee includes:

  • Suzi Beatie – Mariner Cove NRG lead, CMCFoundation board member

  • Robert Bundy, M.D – MMRC/CERT, former Kaiser ER Director, CMCFoundation president

  • Skip Fedanzo – CERT Lead

  • John Howard – Corte Madera NRG Lead, Lions Club Director

  • Peter Orth – Healthcare Executive, former EPA HazMat Regulator, MMRC/CERT 


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