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Corte Madera Town Park


Mail a check or donate online

It’s through donors like you that we can undertake new projects, and fund programs and organizations, that help enhance our community and maintain the character of our town. 


We co-sponsor many community events, programs and activities to help other local groups with fundraising.


When donating, please designate on your check or in the Paypal form whether the contribution is for a specific CMCF program, for the CMCF general fund or one of the organizations/events below.


  • Corte Madera Town Band

  • Corte Madera Beautification Committee

  • Summer Concerts

  • Corte Madera Women’s Club

  • Corte Madera Heritage & History

  • Your neighborhood NRG (Neighborhood Response Group)

  • Corte Madera FC Scholarship Fund


Donate Online

Our online donations are handled off-site via PayPal. 

Mail-in Donation

To mail in your donation, please use the address below.


Corte Madera Community Foundation

​Post Office Box 7109

Corte Madera, California 94976

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