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Help us keep good things happening

You'll be investing in your community.

Everything we do is for the benefit of Corte Madera and its residents. All of our board members serve without compensation and we have no paid staff or office space.


You'll be investing in your property values.

The Corte Madera Community Foundation has provided funding support for numerous projects, including the Library Reading Garden, Piccolo Pavilion and Town Park Plaza. These projects and others have contributed to making this a better and more enjoyable place to live. We don’t think it’s a coincidence that properties in Corte Madera, as well as Belvedere, Tiburon, Ross, Mill Valley, and Larkspur, have held their value better than almost anyplace else in Marin in recent years.


You’ll feel proud of your contribution.

Next time you drive through Old Corte Madera Square or watch an egret land in the marsh that’s been protected, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping to make it all possible, now and into the future.

As you may have noticed already, Corte Madera is unique among Marin’s eleven municipalities. We have an unusually high percentage of residents who are personally involved in volunteer organizations that provide community services, support public facility and public safety improvements, share a commitment to environmental values and scenic preservation, and value the small-town quality of life they enjoy here. It’s even reflected in the way our Town staff and local elected officials connect with the community as a whole, always reaching out to stay in touch with people they serve.  Corte Madera is such a special place and a great place to live!

Support your hometown!

It’s through individuals like you that we can undertake new projects, and fund programs and organizations, that help enhance our community and maintain the character of our town.

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