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History of Corte Madera book


Get to know your hometown

In 2002, the Corte Madera Community Foundation published A History of Corte Madera as a service to the community. 

This historic overview of Corte Madera’s transition from Mexican land grant rancho to affluent suburb is enhanced by more than 280 photographs, many of them over 100 years old. 


The book is a compilation of various accounts of Corte Madera history as provided by the many collectors of important facts, interesting anecdotes, and perceptive overviews that contribute to the understanding and enjoyment of Corte Madera.

Tucked away in the green Marin County countryside, Corte Madera, California is a magical blend of contrasts⎼from its wooded hillsides and bayland waterways to its cozy residential neighborhoods and upscale businesses. Just 12 miles north of San Francisco, this small, vigorous community is within hiking, biking, and driving distance of some of the most beautiful vistas in the western United States.


See how streets, buildings, and vistas looked in bygone years. Enjoy treasured memories shared by oldtimers. Meet fascinating characters. Discover some of Corte Madera’s most interesting qualities in A History of Corte Madera.


The book is accessible at the Corte Madera Library, 707 Meadowsweet Drive.  It can also be purchased for $20 at Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Boulevard, Corte Madera.


Download a free PDF version of the book - A History of Corte Madera.PDF


The book has been copyrighted with all rights reserved, and permission to duplicate any part of the book for purposes other than personal use must be obtained.

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