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Phase 2: Better access to the patio

Creating a new back entrance from the parking lot to the renovated patio at the Community Center was the next phase of our Patio Renovation Project. 


The area between the patio and the park had long been used as a storage yard for park maintenance equipment.  When an event took place in the patio, attendees had to make a long walk around the whole building to reach the front door, and then go through the main hall to reach the patio.  Returning to their cars after the event was equally inconvenient.


We partnered with the Town to get the contents of the equipment storage yard relocated out of sight behind a fence along the back of the adjacent Park Madera Center.  Then we provided funding to replace the old fencing, install path lights, and construct an attractive pergola over a new gate leading directly to the patio.


The Town upgraded the pathway between the gate and the parking lot, as well as the driveway leading to the dumpster area near the back door of the kitchen.  There’s now a safer and more welcoming entrance to the patio for everyone to enjoy.


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