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Appreciating the volunteers that made it happen

The patio renovation project was an amazing success because of the dynamic collaboration with multiple civic organizations, the durability of the project’s benefits to the community as a whole, the magnitude of donor involvement and the enthusiastic participation by a large and diverse group of volunteers.

All of this was really important to the local volunteers whose time, energy, skills, and community spirit made Phase 1 of the patio renovation happen, and they still remember it as something special they did.  Documenting it on this website is a way to honor their personal contribution to our community, as well as a way to inspire efforts to keep making good things happen.

When the renovation project was complete, six months after it was started, a joyful appreciation event was hosted by the Corte Madera Community Foundation to recognize the volunteers, sponsors and donors of inscribed bricks who made the project possible. Also honored at the event were the public-spirited citizens and businesses that help to fund Corte Madera’s beautiful hanging baskets each year.

We hope even more Corte Madera residents will become actively interested in community volunteering and sign up for the next opportunity to participate.


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